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Loyalty program

Become a member of the Ultimuv loyalty program and take the advantage of discounts on our services. As a member, you will receive an Ultimuv card where you will receive discounts on Ultimuv services, money back from every purchase of services or goods, or you can pay for services in the form of a pre-charged credit.
HOW DO YOU GET A LOYALTY CARD? The card is issued while you wait. Register directly at the reception at one of our motion centers and start enjoying the benefits with the Ultimuv card immediately!

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The discounts are related to the purchase of any service within the Ultimuv Motion Center network and the amount of the discount depends on your client level.


For every amount spent with us on a service or merchandise, you will receive cash back in the form of cashback to your virtual account. The value of cashback depends on the achieved client level. You may use the funds so obtained to purchase any non-discounted services or goods.

You can get the Ultimuv card free of charge in any Ultimuv center. Once registered, you will receive a card at the front desk and start using it immediately.

You can enjoy all the benefits of a physical card immediately after online registration – if you remain logged in with your account when making an online purchase, you are guaranteed that points for purchasing goods and services as well as discounts from your client level will be credited virtually to your account. When you pick up a card in the center, all the benefits you receive will then be automatically transferred to the card.

All your purchases for services and goods are cumulatively credited to your online account. When you reach a set amount of purchase, you automatically get to the appropriate client level with increasing benefits in the form of discounts and cashback. Within the loyalty program you can reach 4 different levels: HOBBY / SPORT / PRO / PREMIUM

When you reach the client level, you get discounts on all future purchases of services and goods.

For example, if you have reached SPORT (for all purchases worth a minimum of 350 €, you will automatically receive a 10% discount on all subsequent purchases of services.

HOBBY5 %150 - 349 €
SPORT10 %350 - 699 €
PRO15 %700 - 1499 €
PREMIUM25 %1500€ and more

* No funds are used up to the purchase amount when using the card of our partners (Edenred, Doxx, Multisport and Benefit Plus, Up Slovensko).

When you reach the client level, you get money back for all future purchases of services and goods.

For example, if you reached SPORT (for all purchases with a total value of at least 350€, you would receive a 1.5% refund on each subsequent purchase.

HOBBY1 %150 - 349 €
SPORT1.5 %350 - 699 €
PRO2 %700 - 1499 €
PREMIUM3 %1500€ a viac

* Cashback cannot be redeemed using our partner card (Edenred, Doxx, Multisport and Benefit Plus, Up Slovensko)

We reward each transition from lower to higher as follows:

From HOBBY to SPORT: 1x Inbody analysis FREE
From SPORT to PRO: 1x massage for 30 minutes for FREE
From PRO to PREMIUM: 1x 30 minute physiotherapy FREE and Ultimuv towel available at every visit in Ultimuv motion centre.

If you lose your card, contact us immediately at the nearest Ultimuv center. If you have charged credit on your Ultimuv loyalty card, the lost card will be deactivated and the new card will be credited with the original credits and all other data.